How to Change AOL Password Online

AOL  is a company which is also known as AOL Inc. The original name of AOL is America Online which is a web portal and online service provider mainly based in New York.AOL provided dial up service to massive no of Americans, and also provides a web portal, e-mail, instant messaging and later on a  web browser. Forgetting one’s password on any internet site sometimes becomes annoying and an excruciating process. We are thankful to AOL as it is effortless to recover and reset account’s password.

There are two situations when someone wants to avail Their AOL Change Password account.Firstly when someone forgets his/her AOL password and they want to recover that password and secondly for changing their password for AOL. In most cases when the password of the AOL account user has leaked to someone, or the person want to stick to the good habit of changing the password after a certain period.One should adhere to the good practice of changing his/her AOL password at least once in a month.


Please follow the steps given below to change an AOL password  when you know your current AOL password

  • From AOL sign into the mail account of AOL
  • When the user signs in he/she are taken to My Account page. Now click on the Edit link which is next to the password field.
  • In the next page, it will be asked that the current password is entered. So now one needs to type a new password, and then you need to retype it for confirmation.
  • To move ahead with your password change click Continue
  • If the information that is entered by the user is correct, then only the password information will be updated.


If an AOL user forgets his AOL password, then he might need to change /recover his password. The steps given below should be followed to continue the process:

  • Enter into AOL. On the sign in form click on Forgot password link which is below the password text field.
  • In the next page, you will be asked for the Email/screen name and also Word In Image
  • for verification. Later on, it is verified that the user is human or some other computer operated system.
  • There are only two options provided for retrieval of the password.Either one can give an alternate mail address or his/her date of birth(including the gender and the zip code.Enter something that is known or familiar to you.Now click on Submit
  • Now enter the answer to the secret question that was asked.
  • For confirmation here, you need to register and retype the new password.After this click on Submit
  • Now your password will be changed /updated. From the next time on-wards the user can now log in with his/her new password.

Connect With AOL Customer Support Experts For Fix AOL Forgot Password issues

From now on wards to keep your password safe, please choose your password very carefully and try not to write it down anywhere because it becomes easier for anyone to get its access. It is better to keep it a secret. For protecting your personal information in the best possible way, it is better to change your password on a regular basis. Our AOL Technical Support professional is present 24*7 to guide users with steps to change the login details. Protect AOL Mail account from hackers under the guidance of qualified technical expert team. Connect to AOL Mail Customer Support Number  +1-800-620-2321 for the successful change of the password in safe mode and under the secure environment with capable tech experts.

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