AOL (American Online) is known as a very reliable email client for providing top-class services. But, many are experiencing crash issues with this app. According to some users, they are unable to access their inbox for quite some time due to this error. Also, if you want to set any of your AOL accounts as a flag, this issue can result in making the status unflagged. So, unless you troubleshoot this problem, it will prevent you from using AOL. There are many subscribers who have recently switched to AOL mail and facing issues. If you are also among them and finding that AOL keeps crashing without any reason, then go through this article.

Here, you will get to learn some of the possible causes that can result in crashing your AOL email account. We will also discuss the troubleshooting methods that can fix this problem and restore the emailing facility on AOL.

Reasons why AOL Keeps Crashing More Often on your System

If you are noticing that AOL keeps crashing frequently, it can be an annoying situation. So, before you go straight into the solution part, try to understand why your AOL mail account has become unresponsive. In order to apply the accurate method for resolving the error, let’s learn a few reasons behind AOL crashes.

The app for AOL can have issues running on specific iOS devices or Android phones. Hence, if you are using such a device to access your AOL account, it can cause frequent crashes.

Somehow, if the OS version is not compatible with AOL app, this can freeze your system. A majority of users specifically observe this type of issue along with the error message ‘AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working’. They can come across this issue especially after applying the latest updates for AOL Gold.

If you are trying to launch AOL on devices having Windows 7 or Windows 10, it can display this error. In case, your iPhone or device is running multiple browsers for accessing the same AOL account, it can also crash the app.

Any corrupted files in the AOL program can also damage other apps in your system. This can further lead to technical problems including the issue of AOL crashing.

Unstable Internet connectivity can sometimes disrupt the functioning of the AOL app and crashes it. Also, check for insufficient RAM in your device.

Solutions to Consider if the AOL Software has Stopped Working

In case you can’t start to send or receive emails as AOL keeps crashing on your device, it needs technical fixes. So, if you want to resolve this error, take a look at some of the effective solutions recommended by AOL technicians. But, remember that most of these methods are applicable to fix AOL account issues in your iPhone.

Solution 1 – Switch on the Flight Mode and Turn it off

For those who are unable to access their AOL account at all, this method can work for them. So, basically, this indicates that there is an issue at the user’s end. In some cases, this issue can be based on Internet-related problems while accessing the email account. Hence, in either of these cases, you apply the following steps to troubleshoot crashes in AOL.

First, go to your device’s home screen and find the tab ‘Settings’. Now, search for Airplane Mode and click the button to turn it on. But, you need to remember that these instructions are exclusively for smartphones. However, if you are using a computer or laptop, you can use the taskbar or Device Settings to enable Flight mode.

Now, wait for some time (say 2-3 minutes) and then disable the Airplane mode for your device. Then, enable the WiFi or Cellular data on your gadget and launch a reliable web browser. Try to access your AOL email account and attempt to send an email or check the inbox. In case you can’t open your emails or the app stops to work, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2 – Apply Network Reset if Unable to Receive/Send Emails

Whenever you observe that AOL software has stopped working, it clearly means the email service is disrupted. Now, this can happen if the Network Settings are incorrectly configured for your AOL account.

Hence, to fix this issue, you need to reset the network configuration to its default state. Hopefully, this can clear out the problems in your email account due to server issues.

For applying this fix, open the ‘Settings’ tab on your device and open the ‘General’ tab. Then, you have to scroll down and locate the option of ‘Reset’. This will open a new window where you need to click on the link for ‘Reset Network Settings’.

As you click on this option, it will begin the resetting task for VPN, APN, WiFi, and Cellular Settings. Also, it will erase all the saved passwords and security settings for your network to fix AOL crashes.

Solution 3 – Remove AOL Account and Sign in Again

In case the above two methods don’t work and the AOL keeps crashing, you can delete and then add your account back. However, you need to remove the existing AOL account by following proper steps.

Steps to Erase your AOL Account

For removing your current AOL email profile, you need to open the ‘Settings’ tab. Then, navigate to the section of ‘Accounts & Passwords’ and click on it. This will display the entire accounts list that was accessed by signing into your iPhone. So, make sure that you choose the account due to which AOL software has stopped working and giving this error.

After clicking on your AOL email account, it will show you a new page with various options to modify Settings. So, scroll down and hit the option for ‘Delete Account’ which you can see at the screen’s bottom.

Steps for Adding a New AOL Profile

In most of the AOL crash issues, you will have to create a new account after deleting the old profile. Now, for adding this account, go to the ‘Settings’ tab on your iPhone and access ‘Accounts & Passwords’.

Next, you have navigated through the entire page and hit the option for ‘Add Account’ at the bottom portion. Enter your credentials and add your AOL email account.

As this method allows you to load your AOL profile from the very beginning, hopefully, it will not crash again. Still, you need to launch this app after adding up your AOL account and check if it’s crashing. In case the problem persists and AOL keeps crashing, try the other solutions.

Solution 4 – Switch to Basic AOL Mail Account and Remove Extra Scripts

Sometimes, using the advanced version of AOL Mail can result in unexpected crashes due to installing additional apps or scripts. Hence, users can access its basic page, which also loads faster, in order to sign into their AOL accounts.

For trying this solution, just open a reliable web browser on your device and visit the basic AOL Mail page. Then, open your account using your login username and password and load the AOL page.

If this doesn’t work, try to remove those additional applications and scripts, which are blocking AOL. Also, disable the antivirus program or third-party software which can conflict with the AOL app and lead to crashes.

What to Do if AOL Software has Stopped Working in your Windows PC?

The above fixes can be most useful for iPhone users who are experiencing crashes in their AOL accounts. Whereas, if you want to troubleshoot this issue in Windows-based computers, laptops or other devices, try the following steps.

Instructions for Windows 7 Users

In order to resolve the AOL crash problem on Windows 7, you will have to perform a Clean Boot of your OS version. Hence, you need to access your device as the Admin and open the Run dialog box by pressing ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ buttons simultaneously.

Next, write ‘msconfig’ in the text field and hit the ‘OK’ button. This will open the System Configuration window on your computer. Then, go to the ‘General’ tab and untick the option of ‘Load startup items’ after clicking on the Selective Radio button.

Now, click on the ‘Service’ tab and tick the checkbox for ‘Hide all Microsoft services’. After this, simply hit the ‘Disable all’ button and press the tab for ‘OK’.

After making these changes, reboot your system and once again launch the Run dialog box. Also, open the System Configuration window by following the instructions discussed above. Then, hit the ‘General’ tab and choose the option of ‘Normal startup’. Finally, register these changes on your Windows 7 by clicking on the ‘OK’ button.

Instructions for Windows 10 Users

The following steps are exclusively for those who are working on Windows 10 and AOL keeps crashing while accessing the app or website.

Your first task is to hit the Windows Start button and locate ‘Troubleshooter’ under ‘Control Panel’. Then, find the option of ‘Troubleshooting’ and click web browser like Internet Explorer to check the issues with your AOL Mail.

In case the problem persists or not detectable with these steps, unblock certain features for your Internet Explorer to run AOL.

So, open the Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 and select the ‘Tools’ section. Then, click on ‘Security’ after clicking ‘Internet Options’. Now, you need to choose the ‘Default’ option for all the zones and save these changes by clicking ‘OK’.

Try to make sure that Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java Applet are unblocked on your system. Along with this, disable the Add-ons, which can cause AOL crash problems on Windows 10. However, if you have applied all these methods and AOL keeps crashing, it’s time to get help from professionals. So, you can contact AOL technician and ask him/her how to fix crash errors.

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