At times, the AOL mail, which is one of the most convenient forms of maintaining an email, tends to manifest plenty of malfunctions. One of them is the search bar not responding. The AOL Mail Search not working is a troublesome issue which stirs confusion in the users’ minds.

When this issue arises, the users fail to receive the emails they seek. The search bar refuses to respond and bring about relevant results. Now, this is very annoying and frustrating for the users. The immediate step is to seek solutions to troubleshoot the issue entirely.

But, before implementing the fixes, it is essential to know the potential causes which trigger the problem to appear. Therefore, stick through the underlying section in order to know more about the AOL mail search bar issue.

4 Probable Causes Which have the Tendency to Manifest the Problem

The AOL Mail Search not working is a common issue which, at times, ceases other email functions. Therefore, it is essential to treat the problem as soon as possible. But, without knowing the causes, one cannot proceed to troubleshoot it.

Therefore, this section holds a detailed discussion of the probable causes of the complication to arise. Also, knowing they can accelerate the entire process of troubleshooting. That is because one tends to look into the relevant areas in order to eliminate the AOL Mail search function not working issue.

  • Outdated Email Client of AOL

At times, it so happens that the email client is outdated. In such cases, the outdated version tends to clash or conflict with the Operating System. Now, this may be the case when there is a requirement to update the AOL Mail.

  • Overflooding of Emails

With plenty of emails present in your inbox, at times, leaves an imprint on the search bar. Ample spam messages also impact other functions of the AOL Mail. Also, this may be yet another case of the outdated email application.

  • Problems with the Internet Connection

What most people overlook is the case that the internet may not be working or it is not connected to the internet. Therefore, it is important to check the internet connection properly. Moreover, the problem can also reappear. If so, the problem most probably lies with the service provider.

  • A Malware Presence

The presence of a virus can disrupt the otherwise normal functioning of the AOL Mail. The usual workflow receives hindrance due to the harmful activities of malware. Also, they can gradually enter the complex sections and harm other applications as well.

However, these are the major reasons which trigger the AOL Mail Search not working issue to appear. And to treat it, we can now move onto the discussion of the solutions.

5 Quick Solutions to Fix the AOL Mail Search Bar

The search bar stops functioning suddenly and refuses to respond to any input. With such a problem the basic functions of the AOL mail cannot take place. Now, this frustrates as well as perplexes the users. And then, they seek the solutions in order to troubleshoot the issue thoroughly and prevent it from coming back once again.

But, as we said earlier, a little insight into the causes is necessary for the proper treatment of the issue. When one knows the reasons, they tend to hit the right areas for attending them. They look into the probable root causes for attending to the problem with care.

Also, this accelerates the entire process of troubleshooting since people do not resort to beating the bush and begin with effective solutions only. However, underlying is the list which holds the 5 most effective methods to fix the AOL Mail Search not working issue. Implement them with care and solve the annoying error completely.

Method 1: Outdated Email Client

At times, the email client of AOL tends to fall behind and not work properly due to its outdated version. The regular functions of the AOL mail tend to stop which annoys the users eventually. During such a time, it is not just the search bar which doesn’t respond. They cannot execute other basic tasks as well.

This signifies that an immediate update of the AOL mail is necessary. For this, head to the official website and then locate the application. Make sure that the version that you are about to install is the latest one.

After that, proceed to download and then initiate the installation process.

During the installation session, it is necessary for you to adhere to the on-screen instructions that lead you to solve the issue with convenience. After everything, proceed to Restart the computer system in order to make the alterations effective.

That is because, at times, checking the email client that too with Restarting it brings no changes to the forefront. The error remains present and annoys the users even more.

Once the computer system restarts, let the settings assemble for a couple of minutes. Then, in the next moment, proceed to check if the problem lingers or not. In case the AOL Mail Search not working issue appears again, proceed to the underlying method.

Method 2: Excessive Emails in the Inbox/ Browser Issue

Of the plenty of reasons, the overflooding of emails tend to impact the browser adversely. The presence of too many emails, be it in the Inbox, Sent or any other section, takes a toll on the web browser that you are using.

It tends to crash and refuse to conduct the functions for which the users’ input commands. The emails do not respond and then bring about problems due to the overflooding of the emails. Now, the browser tends to cease working and freeze. And, when the browser tends to crash, the users face problems to launch other websites as well.

Furthermore, this is a clear indication that the AOL Mail Search not working error is a product of an outdated browser. This is what triggers the unexpected freeze or crashing of the window which the excessive emails induce. In order to treat this, make sure that the browser is updated.

Sometimes, the update option manifests before the users as soon as you launch the web browser. But, most people tend to remove it impulsively. However, if so, you must head to the official website of the browser that you are using. And then, proceed to click on the Update button which is extremely easy to locate. Initiate the installation process and stick through the on-screen guidance of the instructions.

Finally, Restart the computer system in order to make the recent alterations effective. If the problem arises and refuses to go away even then, proceed to implement the successive procedure.

Method 3: Resolve Internet Issues

This is what most people overlook whenever there is an issue with the computer system. This is one of the basic checks which one must run due to any problem. Begin with the process of inspecting if the internet connection is alright.

To do this, check if the cables are properly connected to the system. And if they are, then proceed to inspect if the computer system can detect the cable. Also, at times, even if everything is alright, then make sure to cross check with your network service provider.

If the internet is the root cause, then the AOL Mail Search not working issue will be resolved with the current method alone. And, if something else is the issue, then the other procedures are sure to serve you with the solution.

But, before that, make sure to check if the Network Adapter of the system is updated. At times, the outdated adapter driver triggers the issue to arise.

Network Adapter Update

Now that you know where to look into, make sure to install the latest updates of the Network Adapter. The problems on the internet also tend to arise due to the outdated version of the Network Adapter of the computer.

Firstly, check the existing version of the network adapter in the Control Panel. Then, proceed to the official website and then locate the latest version of. Then, proceed to download the network adapter updates and install them.

Finally, check if the AOL Mail Search not working issue arises again. If not, then all is fine. But, if otherwise, make sure to proceed to the next method since it targets a separate cause.

Method 4: Malware Scan

Another cause, as we discussed earlier, is the presence of a virus in your system. This can hamper the otherwise smooth functioning of the system. Also, it can disrupt certain regular tasks by creating several hindrances.

During such times, nothing makes any change unless you eradicate the virus. A successful malware scan can heal the issue effectively if the invasion of a virus is the cause. Whatsoever is the reason we insist on running a full scan of the entire computer system.

Therefore, it is essential for users to run a malware scan in order to diagnose the culprit. Furthermore, such malignant presence is easily treated thanks to the antivirus. Once certain steps are taken for treating the malware, check if the issue AOL Mail Search not working persists. The next procedure is what you must refer to if this didn’t bring about favorable results.

Method 5: OS Update

At times, an outdated Operating System creates all the the problem. This is when the browser and applications cease to function in a standard manner. But, before trying this, make sure that you have made attempts with the earlier solutions.

If yes, but have failed, this is the only solution to the complication AOL Mail Search not working. The Operating System update is what one must refer to in order to treat it. Without it, the system tends to crash and conflict with the other applications and the browser as well.

For this, head to the official website and then proceed to locate the latest version of the OS. Only then, make sure to download and install the updates. Once the session of installation is complete, Restart the system. Do this in order to make the changes effective.

Wrapping up

This article holds a comprehensive guide for treating the AOL Mail Search function not working. The procedures stated are complete and highly effective. Whatsoever is the problem, we suggest that one must try their hands on it. In this way, they can resolve the complication with convenience that too without spending anything.

However, you can resolve the problem with the help of an expert if the issue seems too challenging to treat on your own. If the steps seem too critical, only then do we encourage you to take professional assistance. Thus, solve it effortlessly in a hassle-free manner.

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