AOL Explorer is popularly known as AOL Browser, its old name. Being a browser, there are several glitches present in it. So, users often search for the solutions of those issues. If you are worried about the common AOL Browser issues, then you can read this article. This article will describe the common methods for solving problems with the AOL Browser. So, try these tips and tricks one by one to get some common troubleshooting.

Methods to Solve the Common AOL Browser Issues

Here are the methods you can try when you are stuck with any problems with the AOL Browser. So, check them out.

Restart the AOL Browser after Reconnecting with the Internet

A few times, due to a glitch with the internet connection, the AOL Browser issues arise. If this is the case, then restarting the system can help you to solve the problem.


At first, close all the open windows on the PC. After that, press the Windows button and select the “Shut Down” option. However, if you are a Windows 10 user, then you need to click on the Power icon after pressing the Windows key. Then, select the “Shut down” option to close your PC.


After that, turn off the power supply for both the computer and router/modem. Next, detach all the cables which are attached to the router and the computer. Then, wipe the end ports of the cables to remove the dust. And then, reconnect the cables. Next, switch on the power for both the devices. After that, reconnect your PC with the internet, if it is not automatically connected. And then, try to use the AOL Browser to check if the error persists.

Disable Antivirus on your PC

Many of the times, it is found that the antivirus conflicts with the browser and result in the AOL Browser issues. If this is the case, then you need to disable the antivirus for the time being. Here, we have explained the steps which will help you to disable most of the antivirus. So, check the steps below:


First of all, locate the antivirus icon on the taskbar panel. If you didn’t find the antivirus icon on the taskbar panel, then you need to open the taskbar tray for that. Once you get the antivirus icon, right-click on it. After that, navigate to the “antivirus shields control” option. Then, from the menu window, choose the period for which you want to disable the antivirus software.


After that, check if the AOL Browser works normally or not. In case the problem gets sorted, then it is better to uninstall the antivirus which conflicts with the AOL browser. And then, install different antivirus to keep your system secure from threats.

Update AOL Browser

After restarting the browser if the AOL Browser issues still exist, then you need to try to update the AOL browser which can resolve the problem. To update the AOL Browser, you need to follow the steps stated below.


At first, launch the AOL Browser and then go to its Settings windows. After that, search for the About option and then, go to Download the Updates. Once the AOL Browser starts to update, restart your computer. Then, check if the problem gets fixed. If the error is present, then uninstall and then reinstall the AOL Browser which will be effective to solve the issue.

Uninstall and Reinstall AOL Browser

After following all these above methods, if you are still stuck with the AOL Browser issues, then reinstall it to solve the matter. Uninstalling and reinstalling the AOL Browser is the most effective method among all to fix any matter. So, follow the steps stated below.


At first, open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and the letter R at a time. After that, on the Run box, type ‘control’ and then click on OK to get Control Panel window open. Next, whether the “View by” option of the Control Panel window is it set as Category or not. And if not, then expand the menu for View by and then select the Category option for it.


Further, from the Control Panel window, click on Programs> Programs and Features. After that, from the list of installed programs, navigate to the AOL Browser option. Right-click on it. Next, select Uninstall to confirm. Once you uninstall the AOL Browser, restart your PC.


Further, after connecting the PC with the internet, open a browser. And with the help of that browser, navigate to the AOL Browser download page. From the page, select a version which is compatible with your device and then download it. Then, install it by opening the download file. And then, restart your computer. Next, check if the issue gets resolved.


All these above are the methods can help you solve the common AOL Browser issues efficiently. Hopefully, you will get the problem resolved after following these above methods.


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