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The New York-based online service provider and web portal company AOL or America Online is one of the most recognized webs in the United States, and it provides dial-up service to millions of people all over the world. Not only that, but it also includes a web portal, email and instant messaging services.

Though AOL is one of the most popular and fastest email service providers, the AOL Mail Users had to deal with various issues which stop them from accessing it conveniently, therefore, degrading its popularity.

There are different AOL Error Codes and Messages which the users encounter while accessing to AOL Email Account but fails to understand the meaning of the error messages due to lack of technical knowledge. To have a basic idea of what’s wrong going on, some of the most popular AOL Error code and Messages are discussed here as follows:

  • BLERK! ERROR 1 message denotes that there is an authentication problem
  • GAH! ERROR 2 message suggests that there is a problem in connection with the mailbox
  • BLERK! ERROR 3 words imply that there is some problem accessing or creating your inbox
  • BLERK! ERROR 4 message denotes that there is some problem in loading AOL Mails
  • BLERK! ERROR 12 words imply that your account is cancelled (international)
  • GAH! ERROR 7 message shows that Javascript on your browser is disabled
  • ZOIDS! ERROR 8 message suggests that there is some problem in loading AOL mails
  • ZOIDS! ERROR 9 message indicates that the user has tried to sign in to AOL e-mails with an account type that isn’t supported by our system
  • GAH! ERROR 11 message implies that your account is cancelled
  • BLERK! ERROR 13 message denotes that there is a hiccup while loading your AOL Calendar
  • GAH! ERROR 15 message suggests that the attachment that the user is looking for can’t be found
  • ZOIDS! ERROR 16 message implies that your account has violated AOL Mail’s Terms of Service

Apart from all these, there are other errors also which the users need to resolve as the email returned with an error message from AOL, the email exceeds the acceptable storage size, server rejected the message, Mailbox remains temporarily unavailable, Error Code RS, Addresses are temporarily unavailable.

If you often face these sorts of error messages and still have trouble in accessing your AOL Mail Account, then you can easily ask the assistance by contacting our agents through Live Chat or at AOL Customer Support Number and resolve all your mailing hazards.

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